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What Is...

All taxi commuters, have hilarious stories about the exchange of money in a taxi. Three people will bring R100 note, some R50 notes, others the exact taxi fare in coins which will end up underneath the taxi seats; while some are brave enough not to pay, prompting the driver to make a u-turn and drive back to the taxi rank.

Imagine if you didn’t have to walk two kilometers to the ATM to withdraw money and look for loose change just for you to ride a taxi. Imagine never ever having to do ‘Taxi math’ ever again. Well, imagine no more – Time for change has come!

What Will Be

MALII enables taxi commuters, to make payments in a taxi without the use of cash. Commuters download the app on a smartphone and upload funds in-app. When riding a taxi, they’ll find a QR code sticker positioned on the taxi window; they’ll simply scan the QR code with a smartphone and the driver receives payment notification. 

Value proposition
The Why...
MALII is a financial technology company that brings technological and data driven solutions to the taxi industry. We believe in creating value for many and that innovation is a key aspect of economic growth. Our main mission is to merge the formal and informal economies in South Africa in order to promote inclusive innovation and development.
What do you see?
Others see a challenge, some see an opportunity to impact the world. Join us in being catalysts of change!
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